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by siya sharma - Saturday, 25 April 2020, 10:20 PM


Electromagnetic waves pollution is a present issue since the telecommunication very fast evolves and digital processing of information advances more and more.

FM Radio and TV Transmitters: The strongest radio-frequency fields in most urban areas are associated with radio and TV broadcast services (for more information, see Fact Sheet 183). In urban areas, contributions from mobile phone base stations may reach similar amplitudes.

Radar: Radar systems are used for a variety of tasks, ranging from navigation to aircraft and missile surveillance systems (for more information, see Fact Sheet 226). Wide-spread penetrations are expected from vehicle anti collision radar systems.

High Voltage Power Lines: Power lines deliver electricity (usually at 50 or 60 Hz) and may span hundreds of kilometres (for more information related to their effects on human health, see the WHO Fact Sheets 205, 263).

Undersea Power Cables: Undersea cables are used in Europe (especially in Scandinavia and Greece), Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines to transfer electric power across water. These sea cables usually conduct very large DC currents of up to a thousand amperes or more.

The increasing level of electromagnetic radiation is a dangerous factor that poses risks of damage to living organisms as well as flora and fauna.


A carbon emission is historically defined as the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, or product. CO2 emissions are also accompanied by soot, heavy metals, different contaminant. Which, all together,  provoke deleterious effects on living organism. 

This have consequences on the wildlife and plants. Eliminating wildlife, aquatic organisms as well as flora. 

It’s caused both naturally and by man as well-

Naturally it is caused by respiration, decomposition,  ocean release.

Man made- it is caused by industries, burning fossil fuels , transportation waste etc