Summative Assessment Task #2: Develop a lesson plan for an e-Learning unit with designed appropriate activities - DUE April 25, 2015 (11:55pm)

Assessment Task #2


Develop a lesson plan for an e-Learning unit with designed appropriate activities

Choose an e-learning model/strategy (based on one of the learning theories studied in class) and develop a learning unit involving two hours of face-to-face or online teacher “contact time” on any topic you choose, using the model/strategy as a guide. Your lesson plan/teacher guide should include assessable intended learning outcomes, clear instructions for all activities with/without the support of technologies, and any additional materials needed for the lesson.  Learning theories underpinning the learning activities and learning technology designs should be clearly presented and discussed.

Length of the lesson plan: about 1000 – 1500 words plus screenshots and descriptions of e-Learning activities developed on the Moodle (EDU) practice lesson plan area.
Note: the descriptions of the e-Learning activities may total up to a maximum of 1000 words in addition to your lesson plan.

Assignment submission deadline: April 25, 2015 (11:55pm)

When you develop the unit, you can include in the description how your unit fits in the overall course, as it could be: 
  • the introductory unit where you develop your learning community and groups
  • a middle unit where your students will focus on formative learning activities
  • the final unit where you have summative assessment tasks to evaluate the performance / level of understanding of your students
MITE Policy on Late Submissions

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up to 3 days late : a full grade will be deducted from the grade the assignment would otherwise have received

more than 3 days late : the assignment will fail

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