Learning Portfolio Assignment - DUE APRIL 8, 11:55pm

Learning Portfolio

温故而知新,可以为师矣。=  "If one can have new inspiration by reviewing what he learned before, he is qualified to be a teacher."


  1. Formative assessment : record your progress each session as you develop your understanding by uploading each of your Reflective posts from discussion forums.
    Session 1 Reflection due date: start of class, Feb 18
    Session 2 Reflection due date: start of class, Feb 18
    Session 3 Reflection due date: start of class, Feb 25
    Session 4 Reflection due date: start of class, Mar 4
    Session 5 Reflection due date: start of class, Mar 18
    Session 6 Reflection due date: start of class, Mar 18
    Session 7 Reflection due date: start of class, Mar 25
  2. Summative assessment : Final Assignment - at the end of the course create and upload a new file: write your Meta-cognitive Reflection on your learning at the TOP of the document, and under that cut-n-paste in ALL of your prior reflections (reflections from all class sessions). Your MR should be length minimum 1000 words, maximum 1500 words, not counting all your prior reflections.   You should include some of the best reflections from the class sessions into your MR, and try to write about the holistic "big picture" of  your learning experience.

    Note: I will read and assess the MR, but if I have questions I will refer to the reflections from prior sessions.

All these elements together form your Learning Portfolio : 20% of total course grade

Assignment aim: develop understanding by reflecting on content and concepts learned

Assessment method : Teacher assessed using SOLO levels

Learning Outcomes and weighting of points:

  • Demonstration of understanding of the concepts and issues covered [20%]
  • Transformation: ideas and understanding clearly develop as a function of interaction and transaction with other students, and outside resources [30%]
  • Reflection: [50%]
    • How has your perspective changed?  How does your new knowledge relate to your personal experience?
    • Was some previous experience useful for adding this new knowledge to your mental conceptual map?
    • How can this new knowledge be applied to your work environment?
    • Why is it useful in the larger context outside of school?

Tip: look at the feedback you received in the Formative Feedback discussion forum at mid-term, and try to implement the suggestions you receive.

DUE DATE: Upload your Learning Portfolio as a Word document or PDF to this assignment before the due date/time to avoid late penalty.   You should name it something like "Learning Portfolio - MR as final submission - Student name - Student number"

Late Assignment Policy

In order to be fair to students who have submitted their assignments on time, and to encourage effective time-management skills, late submission of this assignment without prior approval will normally receive the following penalties:

up to 3 days late : a full grade will be deducted from the grade the assignment would otherwise have received

more than 3 days late : the assignment will fail

If, for some very serious reason, you believe you will not be able to submit an assignment on time, please apply for an extension from the instructor.