Group GRUEN design - upload your presentation here!

This assignment activity will collect the GRUEN designs that the teams have generated as slideshows.  Each team should select one member to upload their slideshow by midnight, May 31, 2020.

Note: please name the file with your Group number, for example: "PresentationGroupX"

Your group presentation can be a Powerpoint file, a PDF file, or a text file with a link to your online Google Slide, website, or video.  If you are sharing a Google file, be sure the link can be "viewed by anyone with the link"!).  Upload file size limit is 50MB.

Also: be sure to include credits at the start with your Group Number, the list of your team member names, and their roles in the collaborative design process.

Evaluation criteria will include:

  • Analysis of the problem
  • Generation of ideas / concepts
  • Development of the solution
  • Communication of ideas and solution
  • Collaboration and contribution from all team members