• Project Introduction

    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Hong Kong America Center

    Participants in the SDG Asia project should gain knowledge and insight about the four SDG sectors, and find examples and stories in their own communities.  This would both demonstrate their knowledge, and communicate it to other young people in the SA and SEA regions. The project will encourage young people to envision what development could look like in the four SDG sectors at three geographic levels, as if in three concentric circles:

    • in their local communities
    • in their nation
    • in the wider Asian region

    This project will help young participants to find their voice in development and tell stories of how development has worked, or not worked, or could work, in their communities.  They will tell these stories using digital means of sharing with peers across the developing world.    

  • Creating your Storyboard and Script

    Storyboard story

    This unit will focus on tools, techniques, and workflow for creating a storyboard and writing a script.

    Creating your Storyboard and Script

    The reason we are storyboarding is to develop a plan for our video, or perhaps the overall multimedia essay, which might include the video and a supporting website with additional information (contact email, address, list of sponsors and key contacts, etc).   

    Your storyboard should lay out a progression of scenes you plan to shoot.   You can script out the lines first and then do a storyboard of scenes, or do a storyboard and then write the script lines to match the scenes.   This is a personal choice: do you think more visually, or more in the written form of dialogue?

    Obviously your storyboard / script / video / multimedia essay should address some issues in your project that relate to the four SDGs, but the main thing is that you are telling YOUR STORY, the story of your group project:

    • What do you want to tell people?
    • What SDG issues do you want to address?
    • What solutions or vision for a better future do you suggest?
    • What do you want people to do or feel after seeing your video?
    • How will your project make the world a better place?

    Your video should probably start with a Title screen, and end with closing Credits.  What sort of transitions between scenes should you use?

    • no transition, just new angle on same scene
    • fade to black between scenes
    • "pixelate" to new scene
    • "turn the page", or spiral, or ???

    Bottom line: your video and multimedia essay together should present the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why describing your project.

Mindmapping your projectTelling your story : Video recording, editing, and production