• Project Introduction

    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Hong Kong America Center

    Participants in the SDG Asia project should gain knowledge and insight about the four SDG sectors, and find examples and stories in their own communities.  This would both demonstrate their knowledge, and communicate it to other young people in the SA and SEA regions. The project will encourage young people to envision what development could look like in the four SDG sectors at three geographic levels, as if in three concentric circles:

    • in their local communities
    • in their nation
    • in the wider Asian region

    This project will help young participants to find their voice in development and tell stories of how development has worked, or not worked, or could work, in their communities.  They will tell these stories using digital means of sharing with peers across the developing world.    

  • Mindmapping your project

    Mind Map of the SDG Asia project

    The mind map above is an example of what can be produced using Bubbl.us, describing the SDG Project and the various issues involved.

    In this section each team should select a free mindmapping software, download it, and develop mindmaps which roughly lay out the key ideas and concepts which describe your intended project.   Post your mindmap on the discussion forum, then give feedback to at least two other teams.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9)Creating your Storyboard and Script