Topic outline

  • General

    Psychology - Basic Principles

    Graphic from Psychology, 10th edition, David G. Myers, Worth Publishing

    This course is an overview of the major areas in the science of psychology. Students will be able to describe major psychological theories and empirical findings discovered in the West and the local soil, and to apply the theories and empirical findings in the analysis of human behavior and social phenomena in a relevant context. Student will also learn how psychologists think and approach questions on human behaviors. 

    After taking this course, students will be able to:

    • Describe and demonstrate major theories and empirical findings in different areas of the psychological sciences.
    • Observe and analyze the results of experiments designed for the study of human behavior in different domains. 
    • Apply psychological theories to explain human behaviours in a relevant context. 

  • The Science of Psychology

    Founders of Psychology

    Five Founding Fathers of the Science of Psychology

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  • Social Psychology

    The Asch Line study

    A puzzled participant in the Asch Line study

    (picture from Psychology, 7th edition, David G. Myers, Worth Publishing)

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  • Development across the Life Span

    Development across the life span

    Graphic courtesy of Clipart Panda

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  • Memory

    Memory banner

    Graphic based on artwork from The History and Basic Principles of Archetypal Psychology, Jason Carr, 2013

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  • Consciousness, Cognition, and Intelligence


    Graphic based on artwork from

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  • Learning

    Learning - Bobo doll experiment

    Images courtesy of a Stanford University collection of Albert Bandura's papers

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  • Motivation and Emotion

    Six emotional expressions

    Images from Psychology, 7th edition, David G. Myers, Worth Publishing

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  • Biological Psychology

    Biological Psychology

    Graphic based on image from

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  • Theories of Personality

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  • Psychological Disorders

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