• Introduction

    Teaching in the Virtual Environment

    This course will develop knowledge and skills in producing virtual learning environments for schools and organizations. Dimensions of blended learning will be explored from kindergarten through adult, distance learning, web-based training, constructivist and flexible approaches to learning at educational institutions, at home and in the workplace. 

    Infrastructure topics will include delivery systems, content management, standards, proprietary versus open source software, the applicability of virtual worlds to education, and the constraints upon the successful production of a blended learning environment.

    Pedagogy and best practice topics will include the facilitation of social constructivism, the evaluation and use of learning objects, the alignment of assessment and learning activities with desired learning outcomes, the application of the SOLO taxonomy to writing outcomes and assessment, the management of online discussions, the building of communities of practice, and the design and delivery of blended learning activities.

    Course Intended Learning Outcomes - at the end of this course, students will be able to:

    • Synthesize and apply current literature on best practice to the evaluation of a variety of virtual learning activities and environments.
    • Evaluate, analyzeand apply current pedagogical theory and best practice relevant to the development and management of a virtual learning environment.

    • Design, implement, and manage a virtual learning environment intended to address specific learning needs within a selected context, based on current theory and best practice.

    • Critically evaluate and reflect upon theories, practice, content and concepts learned in this course.

    Course Assessment

    20% - Formative activities (online discussion of lectures, readings and projects, online glossary)

    20% - Learning Portfolio (cumulative reflection blog) - 温故而知新,可以为师矣。

    60% - Project (design / implement / manage a blended learning Moodle course in your own context)


Session 3 - eLearning Design and TheorySession 5 - eLearning Quality Assurance