• Project Introduction

    Sustainable City - image courtesy of GlobeScan.com

    Sustainable City : image courtesy of GlobeScan.com

    This online workshop, part of the Jean Monnet Project "GRUEN: Green Urban Environments", provides a platform for its participants to gain insight into the key objectives of the EU's 7th European Union Environment Action Programme to 2020, and share examples and stories from their own communities with their peers in the EU and Asia. 

    The project invites its participants to envision what sustainable development and urban innovation could look like at three geographic levels, as if in three concentric circles:

    • in their local communities
    • in their nation
    • in the wider region

    This workshop aims to encourage its participants to find their voice in sustainable urban development and develop their visions of how a Green City could support a healthy lifestyle with the help of the key objectives outlined in the EAP.

    This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and hosted by the Hong Kong Baptist University. The Principal Investigator is Dr Tushar Chaudhuri, External Relations Coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Associate Head of the Department of Government & International Studies at HKBU.

    For further project infomation, please visit the GRUEN website

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  • EAP Objectives

    9 priority objectives of the EAP

Criteria for judging Green Cities