This course category contains activities which investigate virtual simulations for research purposes.

This course will organize the Knowledge Transfer project, with PI Prof Michael Ingham and instructor Chan, Wing Yee (Constance), and consultant Brant Knutzen.

  1. Lingnan University students will be trained on the method of introducing students to the virtual world as part of developing digital competency skills.
  2. LU students will host secondary students at Lingnan to introduce them to the virtual world of Second Life.
  3. All participants may be surveyed for their opinions and attitudes towards the virtual world.

This course will introduce participants to the impact that an idealized virtual identity and the perception of a social constructivist environment have on learning within the virtual world.  Gamified learning as a group process will be explored, and data collected on affective issues such as beliefs and attitude towards: the self, the technology, the learning experience, and self-efficacy.  This project seeks to develop a methodology for focusing a survey on specific behaviors using the virtual world through tight integration with simulated situations.