This course category holds the courses for KAS / HKAC, such as SDG Asia.

The HKAC will organize a three-week faculty enrichment program from June 10-30, 2018 for ten American academics whose colleges or universities are members of the ASIA Network.  Our goal is to facilitate the study of religion and public life in Southeast China and Northeast India by American scholar-teachers who seek to broaden their fields of expertise and deepen their knowledge of these giant Asian societies and cultures.  We seek to enable them, working as individuals and as a team, to create new research pathways and teaching materials, including designs for course components, that will enrich instruction in these subjects in liberal arts colleges in America.  We also wish to promote inter-institutional linkages to expand exchanges of students and scholars with these regions.    

This online workshop will host the team discussions and other activities to support the project titled "Sustainable Asia: Our Vision, Our Future"