2015-16Sum1 PSY6009 01E 74129

This course will develop knowledge and skills in producing virtual learning environments for schools and organizations. Dimensions of blended learning will be explored from kindergarten through adult, distance learning, web-based training, constructivist and flexible approaches to learning at educational institutions, at home and in the workplace. 

This module provides an introduction to current leading-edge work on shared virtual environments for learning (SVEL) through a variety of reflective experiences in such environments. The module will delineate and interrelate various theories underlying the pedagogy and content of SVEL, discuss the implication and impact of web 2.0 technology on the design of virtual environments for learning, and provide opportunities for students to develop the design and implementation of their own SVEL based on sound pedagogic principles and to describe and illustrate appropriate strategies for their evaluation of the virtual environments for learning.

This module was developed to provide a deeper understanding of practice-oriented, pedagogy-driven and theory-based framework for e-learning design and practice through case studies of students’ e-Learning experiences and learning outcomes.  The module will highlight the inadequacies of “technology-centric” models of e-Learning and the interactions between the affordances of e-Learning technologies, pedagogical models, instructional strategies, learning theories, and e-learning design to achieve transformative pedagogical practice. Module participants will gain a deeper insight on how people learn in various e-learning settings including schools, workplaces, and our everyday world through a case-based approach. This module aims to provide participants with a solid theoretical and pedagogical foundation to e-learning design and implementation in different settings.   This module will be taught from three perspectives: learning theory, e-Learning technology tools, and a hands-on workshop exploring and creating learning activities with those tools.